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Subway® Nutrition For Kids

At SUBWAY® restaurants, we assist consumers in living healthy lifestyles by providing information and choices necessary so they can make informed meal choices. We provide nutritional information on our website, as well as in nutritional information brochures in our restaurants, on our cups and on our napkins.


Our SUBWAY FRESH Fit™ and SUBWAY FRESH Fit for Kids™ meals were developed to fit into the American Heart Association's approach to a healthy lifestyle. In addition, 100% of Subway® kid’s meals meet nutritional criteria that are consistent with USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


SUBWAY® Nutrition Criteria For Children's Meals

Subway® recognizes the importance of providing children with a well-balanced meal that includes a variety of food groups,that is consistent with the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The SUBWAY KIDS' Pak™ meal includes grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein (with the exception of the Veggie Delite®) and dairy when milk is ordered.


All the kids’ meals also meet the specific nutrition criteria:



SUBWAY® Marketing Policy For Children

Any advertising on children’s programming features the SUBWAY FRESH Fit for Kids™ meals, which meets the above listed nutrition criteria. SUBWAY FRESH Fit for Kids™ meals compliment an active lifestyle and are shown in advertising with a mini low-fat sandwich, apple slices and low fat milk. The kid’s meal automatically comes with 100% juice or low fat milk (not soda). 









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